19th Procom Quiz Contest


Regarding the Quiz:
It’s a general quiz; Students participating in the quiz have to go through a written objective type one-hour test. The test is designed keeping in mind the level of school studies and knowledge of the students about the subject. Computer, Mathematics, G.K., English & Science Quiz are separate part, students can choose either one of the topics or can take part in all the subjects. Puzzle’s Quiz is for classes Nursery to 6th which includes Puzzle’s, Drawings & other fun solving material for younger students, which will help them to build their mind and personality.
Different topics for the Quiz:

Puzzle’s Quiz:Nursery to 5th Standard
Colour’ s Quiz : Nursery to 8th Standard
Mathematics Quiz  : Nursery to 10th Standard
English Quiz : Nursery to 10th Standard
Science Quiz : 1st to 10th Standard
Computer Quiz : 1st to 10th Standard

G.K. Quiz : 1st to 10th Standard

Conditions Governing the Contest:
There will be a written test of one- hour duration and shall comprise of multiple choice questions, True & Flase, Fill in the blanks, short answer questions etc. Participating students will get Question-cum - answer sheet on which they are required to mark their answer.
Participants of Puzzle’s Quiz are required to bring their colours on the day of the quiz.
Question-cum-Answer sheets will be provided 4-5 days before the quiz date, which schools are required to return after finishing the quiz.
Checking and processing of result will be done by Procom. Result will be provided with in one-Month time.
It is an inter school quiz competition, first round of the quiz will be held in the participating school itself and after conducting the first round top scoring students will be  selected for the final inter school round of the contest

Benefits to Participating Students

Every Participant will get very attractive gift and Certificate of Participation.
Winning Students will get Certificate of Merit and Prizes from the Supporting Companies.

Procedure for  Conducting the Quiz:

School interested in participation will have to decide the date itself as per their own convenience and available schedule. Depending upon on the number of students participating in each subject we will provide quiz papers to the school before one week of the quiz date specified by the school. Result along with the prizes of the competition will be provided with in one month, after receiving the answer sheets from the school.

About the Final Inter School Round
After finishing the first round of the quiz selected students will be appearing in the final inter school round for which dates will be provided by the school authorities. Final round will be held in the respective school itself.

WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY 2015 Competitions by CBSE


Theme: The Harmful Effects of Tobacco Use (details given below)
 Poster making
 Essay writing
 Nukkad Natak /Skit
 Jingle/Songs

Only the top 2 entries of each competition must be duly attested by the Principal, with complete school address, contact number and e-mail id, and submitted on or before 20th July 2015, as specified against each event in the annexure.

 Essays as soft copy in MS Word file/scanned document, to be sent by e-mail to: ajeswary.cbse01@gmail.com

 Videography of Jingle/Song/Skit performance on VCD with text/script and Posters as hard copies, to be sent to:
Ms. P. Rajeswary, Education Officer [English]
“Shiksha Sadan”,
17, Rouse Avenue,
New Delhi – 110002

 The top 30 entries in each event will be selected by a distinguished panel of experts. The results will be uploaded on the academic website.
 The winners will be awarded a certificate from the Board.
 The best videos will be uploaded on CBSE channel on YouTube.

Please note: Entries received after the specified date or failing to adhere to specified norms, will be deemed invalid.
Reports along with photographs (captioned) may be sent for publication in the CBSE quarterly bulletin, CENBOSEC.

Rules and Regulations
Theme: Harmful Effects of Tobacco Use
Poster designing:
 Convey a clear message.
 Size: A4 size chart paper
 Time Limit: 2 hours
 Eligibility: Classes VI-VIII
 Hindi or English
 Any inappropriate content.
 Abusive language.
 Bias against any community, occupation, religion or group of people.
 Cluttering with too many images and messages.
Assessment criteria
 Relevance of content
 Visual appeal (use of colours / images/ paper cuttings etc.)
 Clarity of purpose
 Innovation and creativity
 Appropriate Slogan/Caption
Essay writing [800-1000 words]
 Supply a suitable title.
 Time Limit: 1.5 hours
 Word Limit: Only one entry per participant, with a word limit of 800-1000.
 Eligibility: -classes IX-X
 Hindi or English
 Any abusive language.
 Plagiarism.
 Bias against any community, occupation, religion or group of people.
 Essay should be original.
Assessment criteria
 Originality of content
 Relevance and appropriacy
 Adherence to word limit
 Logical flow of the essay (Introduction, Body, Conclusion)
 Clarity of thought
 Fluency and accuracy
 A creative title
 Hindi or English

Nukkad Natak / Skit: [not less than 10 participants]
 Supply a suitable title.
 Time Limit: 4-5 minutes
 Group only: Only one entry per team of 10 or more students.
 Eligibility: -classes IX-X
 Script in Hindi or English

 Any inappropriate content.
 Abusive language.
 Bias against any community, occupation, religion or group of people, gender bias
 Cluttering with too many messages.
Assessment criteria
 Relevance of content
 Clear, expressive dialogue delivery
 Visual appeal (use of simple costumes & props etc.)
 Clarity of purpose/message
 Innovative and creative in approach
 Overall appeal of the presentation
 Hindi or English

Jingles/Songs: upto 02 minutes with not less than 10 participants]
 Supply a suitable title.
 Time Limit: 2 minutes
 Group only: Only one entry per team of 10 or more students.
 Eligibility: -classes VI-VIII
 Text in Hindi or English
 Any inappropriate content.
 Abusive language.
 Bias against any community, occupation, religion or group of people, gender bias
 Cluttering with too many messages.
 Plagiarism
Assessment criteria
 Relevance of content
 Harmonious delivery
 Clarity of purpose/message
 Innovative and creative tune & imagery
 Overall appeal of the jingle/song

20th All India Children’s Educational Audio Video Festival 2015


20th All India Children’s Educational Audio Video Festival 2015
 7. Criteria for selection:
i. The Audio and Video programmes that are produced from November 1, 2013 to March 5, 2015 are
eligible for entry. An undertaking with regards to the production date of the programme should be given by the producer/institution failing which entries will be rejected.
ii. Audio/Video / New Media Programmes submitted to 20th AICEAVF must be suitable for children aged between 5 and 18 or for teachers of these children in any of the following age group.
i. Primary
ii. Upper Primary
iii. secondary
iv. Senior Secondary
v. Teacher
vi. New Media
iii. Audio programme(s) entries other than Hindi/ English , please send on DVD with subtitling in Hindi/English.
iv. Programme content should be creative, have broad appeal and demonstrate excellent artistic and
technical skills.
v. Content should speak to and respect children of diverse backgrounds and cultures positively.
vi. Duration of the programme (audio / video / New Media) shall not exceed 30 minutes.
 8. AICEAVF will not select programmes:
i. With excessive violence, sexual references, coarse language, use of substances or with content that
advocates and supports racial, cultural, religious, or gender bias.
ii. With technical glitches.
iii. Which, if not in English/Hindi, are not subtitled or dubbed into English/Hindi.
iv. Which are aimed at audiences other than these in criteria (ii)
 Entering your programme:
Fee for submitting a programme for consideration as part of 20th All India Children’s Educational Audio, Video Festival (AICEAVF) is Rs. 200/- Payable at New Delhi in Favour of Joint Director, CIET, NCERT .
You can submit an entry to AICEAVF 2015 by:
Submitting a duly filled Entry Form (one entry form for each audio / video / New Media programme
separately) to the festival coordinator along with all relevant documents (see 5 on page no. 3).
Screening format of selected Videos:
Please send your Video/Audio/ New Media programmes for the Competition in the highest possible
resolution on CD/DVD format.
Rules & Regulations
i. Programmes made by compiling stock shots would not be eligible for competition.
ii. Each programme can be entered in one category only.
iii. A copy of all the entries shall be retained by CIET.
iv. CIET would have non-exclusive rights to telecast/broadcast the award winning programmes.
v. A Short Listing Committee shall first prepare a short list of the entries.
All the short listed programmes will be judged by a common Jury (separately for Audio, Video and New Media). Results declared by the Jury will be binding.
vi. CIET reserves all rights to modify the rules and dates.
Deadlines: March 5, 2015
Send your Entry Forms to:
Dr. Lal Singh
(Coordinator, AICEAV Festival 2015)
Head, Media Production Division
Sri Aurobindo Marg
New Delhi - 110016
Ph. 011-26864801 (Ext. 159) , 01126565678
Fax: 011 26864141
Email: hmpdciet@gmail.com

Categories of Awards
1. Awards for Programme:
A. Audio programmes:
Best programme in each of the following stages will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 20,000/-
i. Primary
ii. Upper Primary
iii. Secondary
iv Senior Secondary
v. Teacher
B. Video Programmes:
Best programme in each of the following stages will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 40,000/-
i. Primary
ii. Upper Primary
iii. secondary
iv. Senior Secondary
v. Teacher
vi. New Media
2. Individual Excellence Awards: In each of the following Cash Award of Rs. 5000/-, a trophy and
certificate will be awarded:
A. Audio
i. Best script
ii. Sound Editing
iii. Best Direction
B. Video
i. Best script
ii. Best camerawork
iii. Best editing
iv. Best set designing
v. Best sound recording (Studio)
vi. Best sound recording (location)
vii Best effects ( Sound/ still/ animation/ graphic etc )
viii. Best Direction

CBSE Expression Series 2015-16


CBSE Expression Series is a ‘Writing Series’ initiated by CBSE in August 2014 as part of various activities conducted by the Board for the holistic development of students. For the year 2015-16, the ‘CBSE Expression Series’ are beginning from July 2015 onwards. The ‘Expression Series’ shall focus not only on the contribution of great leaders of India but also on several important issues related to women, society (both rural and urban) and nation. The details of the ‘Expression Series’ are as follow:
 The Series will be conducted on the second Friday and Saturday of the month.
 Topics will be uploaded on www.cbseacademic.in on the second Wednesday of the month.
 Entries, in form of Essays and Poems, can be submitted by students through online and offline link
provided on www.cbseacademic.in or through mobile application.
 Students may submit their entries from schools as well as home.
 Entries can be submitted from 9.00 A.M. to 5.30P.M. on both the days.
 Students may express their thoughts and ideas in any of the 22 scheduled languages and English.
 Selection will be based on originality and creativity. Students shall be contacted telephonically on the phone numbers provided by them to ascertain the originality of the entry submitted.
 The final winners shall be selected from three class categories, i.e. classes 1st to 5th, Classes 6th to 8th and classes 9th to 12th.
 An award of Rs. 2500/- will be given to the winners after submitting a bona-fide certificate from
 The winners shall be given a ‘Certificate of Merit’ and all participants shall get an online ‘Certificate of Participation’.
 The winning entries will be compiled in a book/e-book for wider sharing of ideas and thoughts.
 The details of submission of entries are given at Annexure I, II, III & IV.
 To cater to the need of schools where the internet connectivity is limited, the Board has devised a
registration-cum-response sheet (Annexure-IV), which may be downloaded, printed, photocopied for
distributing to participants. After completion of activity, schools/ participants are required to scan it
and send it to the links provided on www.cbseacademic.in or through the mobile application.

Students (participants) may login by clicking on the relevant category
For Classes 1 to 5 : Click Here
For Classes 6 to 8 : Click Here
For Classes 9 to 12 : Click Here

Cyber Safety and Cyber Wellness Challenge


The Central Board of Secondary Education joins hands with the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) to disseminate the message of the Digital India Programme among educators and students to showcase the Government of India’s initiatives in the area of e-Governance. The national launch on 1st July, 2015 will also throw open, a wide range of activities to raise awareness about the Government’s initiatives for universal digitization and digital equity by ‘transforming India into a digitally Empowered society and Knowledge based economy’. The focus is on being transformative to realize this formula:
 IT (Indian Talent) + IT (Information Technology) = IT (India Tomorrow) 

Throughout the DIGITAL WEEK celebrations, students are invited to participate in the online challenge on Cyber Safety and Cyber Wellness conducted by NeGD/Deity

About the Challenge: 
 Accessible on “www.digitalindia.gov.in”. 
 Open for a week starting from the 1st July 2015 to the 7th July, 2015. 
 Eligibility in separate categories: Students of classes VI-VIII and IX-XII. 
 Instructions are available on: www.digitalindia.gov.in 
 Students scoring 100% in level 1, will qualify for level 2. Evaluation both at level 1 and level 2 are automated. 
 Each student will have the option to email or download Certificate for Participation. 
 4 winners will be selected from each state/UT (2 from each category, and one boy and one girl in each category). 
 Winners will be felicitated at the national level. 

The Digital Wellness Online Challenge is an initiative that aspires to make children aware of how they can maintain digital wellness by taking informed decisions and become safe, respectful and responsible users of digital technology. Designed as a fun engaging quiz activity the Digital Wellness challenge uses knowledge-based questions to provide information and scenario-based questions to encourage participants to think, decide, and choose an action that ensures their online safety and security.
Through learning by quizzing methodology, we are hoping to train the children on building Digital Wellness and protecting themselves from threats often faced in cyber space as Cyber Bullying, Cyber predators, Gaming Addiction, Identity theft, Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism, Malware; by focusing on values as Responsibility, Respect, Compassion, Resilience and Integrity.
Digital Wellness Online Challenge (DWOC) is an online quiz open for all children of our country from class 6 to class 12. The entire process is online and automated. Each participant will get a participation certificate and there will be 4 winners declared from each state and Union Territor

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